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No one wants to worry whether they have enough memory on their iPhone or iPad when they are recording video or taking pictures, but that's a constant concern. The iPhone and iPad have no option for adding additional memory, so if you have minimal memory remaining, you’re limited in the amount of images and video you can capture.

The InstaShot provides the option of adding 32GB up to 256GB of added memory to an iPhone and iPad that can be used to take pictures or shoot video directly to the InstaShot without using any of your iPhone or iPad’s internal memory. So you can take all the pictures and video you’d like without worrying about running out of space. Plus, you can pause your video and resume where you left off, add fun and exciting filters to the video, and take still pictures while filming, all without using any of your “i” products internal memory.

In addition, you can instantly back up all of the pictures and videos stored on your iPhone or iPad with one click. The InstaShot can transfer content between your "i" device and the InstaShot in a matter of minutes, which you can transfer the content from the InstaShot directly to a computer using the included USB cable.

Plus you can use the Instashot as a traveling media library, storing music, movies, data files (like pdf, Excel, Word, etc.), and much more that you can playback directly through your iPhone or iPad. The InstaShot gives you the added memory and flexibility you need for your iPhone or iPad.

Key Features:

  1. Photos and Videos Stored Instantly, Never Miss a Moment
    With iPhone's evolution, new functions and user's reliance, the phone's resouces have been deminished, unnoticeably. PQI Instashot offers 32GB~256GB of storage space where photos and recordings go straight to without taking up your phone's storage capacity. Never do you need to worry about running out of storage capacity and miss a crucial moment!

  2. Action! Unique Filtering Effects Just for You!
    With multiple filtering effects to choose from, you can set your own theme and utilize the effects for your unique shot, be your own director!

  3. Editing Assistant, Single Shot to the End
    The dedicated MasterShot is a powerful editing APP to compliment PQI Instashot. It can pause during recording and when you begin the next recoding, it will seamlessly merge the two videos as if it was one. The variety of filtering effects means after effects are not needed and your very own movie can be produced within no time!

  4. Share Your Moments!
    Share your moments by uploading photos and videos onto Facebook and Instagram, etc. with friends. Or, you can just upload as a backup to share later on!

  5. Backup to Release Storage Capacity
    PQI Instashot has a backup function that backs up all photos and videos stored from iPhone to PQI InstaShot, so your iPhone is always in optimum storage conditions.

  6. Quality Saddle Leather & Custom Leather Case
    Using saddle leather and press processing, PQI InstaShot shows its elegant qualities. Coupled with a customized leather case and crafted stitching, it holds both the instaShot and microUSB cable. It also comes with a dust-proof lid for the microUSB connector for an inside-out, all-around protection!