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Controller & Accessories
Manual Tower ControllerManual Tower Controller
A full range of SATA or IDE/PATA controllers can copy all formats of CD, DVD, & Blu-ray discs providing the best copy compatibility with nearly all makes of drives and media. LightScribe printing capability add on is also available.
ACARD Optical Disc ControllersACARD Optical Disc Controllers
Vinpower offers a full range of ACARD Native SATA controllers that can copy all formats of CD, DVD, & Blu-ray discs
Daisy Chain Controller Daisy Chain Controller
Vinpower Digital's Daisy Chain controller can operate from 2 to over 60,000 connected duplication towers through a single master source for reliable mass production of CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.
Network Tower ControllerNetwork Tower Controller
It allows image files to be transferred to the duplicator through any PC’s on a given network, and also provides the best copy compatibility with nearly all makes of drives and media. LightScribe add on is available.
Autoloader ControllerAutoloader Controller
Available in a SATA or IDE/PATA version and designed specifically for optimal duplication capability within a robotic autoloader duplicator. The controller can be configured to match all robot protocols. LightScribe add on is also available.
Hard Drive ControllerHard Drive Controller
Vinpower offers a full range of standalone hard drive duplicator controllers to be used to create multiple sizes of standalone HDD Duplicators.
Printer ControllerPrinter Controller
This standalone printer controller allows the user to quickly and easily submit and run optical disc print jobs from a variety of printers virtually anywhere.
Duplicator External DeviceDuplicator External Device
The excellent solution for enhancing the capabilities of the duplicators by adding external peripherals.
From the SATA to IDE converter, connector cables, and additional autoloader spindles all of which can make our existing line of duplicators more convenient and useful.
SATA Controllers Now Available
Vinpower Digital offers a full range of SATA controllers for both manual towers and autoloaders. These controllers offer all the exceptional functions and capabilities of our IDE/PATA versions yet will be able to support larger band widths and higher duplication speeds for more advanced future drive technology.