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Media & Accessories
Vinpower Verbatim Blank MediaVinpower Verbatim Blank Media
Vinpower Duplication Plus, supported by Verbatim, is an extensive line of professional grade AZO recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-rayTM duplication quality optical disc media.

*Actual media packaging may vary based on region and location.
Optical Quantum Blank MediaOptical Quantum Blank Media
Vinpower Digital offers high quality media from a number of well known manufacturers at great prices. Whether you need CD, DVD, or Blu-ray blank media, we have what you're looking for.

*Actual media packaging may vary based on region and location.
PioData Blank MediaPioData Blank Media
PioData is the only media made specifically to meet the specifications of all primary recording drives on the market today!
PlexDisc Blank MediaPlexDisc Blank Media
PlexDisc offers a full range of CD, DVD, & Blu-ray media with the WIP Glossy, Water Resistant, Liquid Defense Plus surface.

*Actual media packaging may vary based on region and location.
JVC / Taiyo Yuden Blank MediaJVC / Taiyo Yuden Blank Media
JVC / Taiyo Yuden are one of the original inventors of recordable optical media, which only stands to reason that they produce the highest quality recordable optical discs.

*Actual media packaging may vary based on region and location.
OPTODISC Blank MediaOPTODISC Blank Media
The Vinpower manufactured OPTODISC line of DVD-R and BD-R media is produced from the original formula providing great quality and value.
M-Disc MediaM-Disc Media
The M-DISC is the first ever permanent disc. Unlike computer HDD's and optical discs (CD & DVD) that suffer from decay, destroying files you were trying to preserve and protect, M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes.

*Actual media packaging may vary based on region and location.
Case and Package MaterialCase and Package Material
Vinpower Digital offers a large array of CD and DVD cases at great prices. We offer numerous color or size options to best fit your needs and price range.
Blu-ray, CD, DVD Blank Media and Jewel Cases
Vinpower Digital offers high quality Blu-ray media at great prices. The quality of your media is one of the most important elements in creating high quality duplications, especially for the higher capacity Blu-ray discs. The Optical Quantum brand offers a line of shiny silver top Blu-ray discs, inkjet or thermal printable Blu-ray discs as well as the one and only brand new water resistant inkjet printable Blu-ray discs using Liquid Defenseā„¢.