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Q & A

Can I upgrade my duplicator?

Yes. All duplicators can be upgraded by sending them back to the manufacturer for a nominal fee. Often times the software can be upgraded through firmware/software which can be provided by the manufacturer. Software upgrades are determined on a case by case basis. They may or may not involve a fee. Any attempts to alter the machine on your own or through a non-authorized service technician will nullify the warranty.

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If I buy a duplicator now, can I add more drives/burners later on in the future?

No. All of the duplicators are assembled to exact specifications depending on the number of drivers to be included. There will not be enough space to add any additional drivers later.

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Is the aluminum chassis better than the steel chassis?

Yes. The aluminum chassis is not only significantly lighter than steel, but it also diffuses heat better to allow continuous use without concern for overheating.

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