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Q & A

Can the DVD duplicators duplicate a DVD that is bigger than 4.7 GB?

Yes, but only specific models. Review the duplicator specs to determine if it can handle double/dual layer DVD's (8.5 GB-DVD9) or not. If the duplicator lists that it can handle double/dual layer or DVD9, then it can. If not then it won't be able to duplicate anything larger than the standard DVD5 or 4.7GB disc. In either case, you can only duplicate a DVD5 to DVD5 or DVD9 to DVD9. An 8.5 GB disc can not be duplicated onto a 4.7GB disc and vice versa.

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Will a multi-drive duplicator takes longer to make duplications than a 1 to 1 duplicator?

No. All drives make simultaneous duplications. So it takes the same amount of time to duplicate 1 disc as it does to duplicate the maximum drives on the unit.

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Will the duplication speed affect the quality of the duplicated discs?

The higher the speed the more chances that there can be some quality drop-off. However, the amount of diminished quality is very minute and will not make a difference or be noticeable to most people.

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