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Q & A

Does the duplicator have a warranty, and who provides the service?

All of the duplicators come with a standard warranty, which covers parts and labor. The manufacturer provides all services, on an as needed basis. In most cases, a one-year warranty is in effect. Check the product specifications for additional information.

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Are extended warranties offered?

A maintenance plan is available for most units. Please contact the support department of the manufacture to discuss available options.

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What’s covered under the Limited Warranty on the USB duplicator?

The Limited Warranty covers against manufacturer’s defects. Items not covered by the warranty include those that over time become less effective through normal wear and tear, such as the USB sockets. The USB sockets can wear out through continued use by inserting and removing USB drives repeatedly over time, which may result in abnormal operation. It’s recommended to test and replace those sockets as it becomes necessary.

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