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Q & A

Why use a Cronus series publisher?

A Cronus series publisher is a more proficient means of duplicating and printing large quantities of CD's or DVD's. This is especially true for those companies having minimal staff available or wanting to run jobs continuously overnight unsupervised. A Cronus series publisher will greatly increase production capabilities and reduce the need for additional staff to do the menial work of loading and unloading discs, as with a manual tower. With a Cronus series publisher, staff can concentrate on more pressing matters and make better use of their time. This will not only save money for the company through efficiency but also increase profits with faster production and turn around.

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What’s the difference between a standalone duplicator and Cronus series publisher?

A duplicator is a system that only copies discs. A Cronus series publisher does much more. It incorporates a printer as well as drives to burn and print directly to BD-R, CD-R or DVD-R media. Cronus series publishers are designed to output finished discs, in addition are fully automated, configurable systems that allow you to output hundreds of finished discs with just a few simple mouse clicks.

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Can the Cronus series publisher run overnight?

The Cronus series publisher is designed to run continuously overnight without any problems. However, please make sure the unit is placed in the proper environment to ensure the best results and proper functionality. The ideal environment is one with a moderate temperature and minimal dust. It is advised to separate the media before loading it into the spindles to reduce the risk of discs sticking together.

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Does the Cronus series publisher need to be connected to a computer?

No, the Cronus series publisher does not require a computer connection as it is a standalone publisher with a PC built into the unit

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What file formats are supported by the Cronus Series Publisher?

Disc File Formats: ISO, VCP, and CDI.

Picture File Formats: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PRN, VDL, and PVDL.

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