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OPTODISC DVD-R recordable media has long been used around the world as a great inexpensive blank media. Vinpower brought back the brand to fulfill the many previous and new customers that could benefit from the strong quality and low price points. Vinpower manufacturers the OPTODISC media in Taiwan, utilizing the original production formula, to ensure superior compatibility and playback when recorded. Because the OPTODISC brand was established during the early stages of recordable DVD-R duplication, it is compatible with a wider range of drives, including the older drives that may not be familiar with many of the newer media brands that were not available at the time.

When you’re looking for quality DVD-R media with superior compatibility at a great price point, the OPTODISC line of DVD-R media is your best bet.

OPTODISC BD-R was one of the first recordable Blu-ray Medias on the market. As an early adopter of the Blu-ray format, OPTODISC has always had an excellent compatibility with a wide range of Blu-ray recording drives. Vinpower has continued that tradition in manufacturing the OPTODISC BD-R media utilizing the same Japanese developed formula as the original discs for the best performance and compatibility.

When you’re looking for quality BD-R media at a great price point, the OPTODISC line of BD-R media is your best bet.