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Printer Controller

In a world where our devices are becoming more mobile and less dependent on a direct connection to a PC, why should you disc printer be any different. Previously, every printer that can print on optical discs, required a direct connection to a computer to transfer the image file of the artwork. This was typically done through a USB capable and limited ones effort to allow their dupe and print operation to be more mobile. Vinpower has severed those restrictions with its new mobile standalone printer controller VPD-PRT. The new VPD-PRT can work with up to two printers allowing the artwork and operation functions to be controlled through a compact lightweight device which is extremely portable and easy to use.

Even if you’re not looking to use your printer outside of your business or home, why tie up your computer or need to purchase multiple computers just to operate your disc printer, when you can save money and time using Vinpower’s VPD-PRT. So when you’re ready to cut the ties from your printer and save money at the same time, the VPD-PRT is your best solution.

Key Features:

  1. Work standalone with printers. Do not need to use PC. Excellent when having many printers. It saves a lot of space for set up PCs. Easy to carry around.
  2. Supports many key optical disc printer brands, including Primera / Epson / Canon / HP / TEAC
      • Primera Bravo 4100, Bravo se
      • Epson A50,T50,P50,R290,L800
      • Canon iPx4970
      • HP FlashJet, Puma
      • TEAC P55
  3. Support printing two different printers with different printing jobs concurrently.
  4. Support Vinpower Pandora AutoPrinter Series.
  5. Support PRN files in the USB device as the image sources.
  6. Support different file format of the USB device