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CopyProtection Dongle

The ability to protect ones original DVD video content from others making unauthorized copies could mean the difference between a profitable project and what in many ways would be an unintended free offering. Using Vinpower Digital's Copy Protection feature on select Vinpower and Xerox duplicator lines, provides a superior level of protection against successfully copied DVD videos. Taking this scenario one step further, say the owner has a Vinpower, Xerox or similar line with the Vinpower copy protection feature available, but they run out of licenses, what can they do?

That's why Vinpower offers a series of copy protection dongles with multiple size replacement licenses to allow the user continued ability to embed the copy protection on their proprietary DVD video content.

Licenses Dongle for CopyLock Software
Number of Licenses per Dongle
15, 30, 50, 100

USB 2.0 Flash Drive
CopyLock Software