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JVC Taiyo Yuden 25GB 6x Gold LTH BD-R Logo Top

Since Blu-ray is a relatively new format compared to the recordable CD and DVD formats, there are more variations which could lead to confusion with the customer. So when one is looking for the ideal Blu-ray media to ensure proper burning and longevity of their content, the JVC 6x BD-R LTH media is the best choice.

JVC is a proven name and has an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Additionally JVC 6x BD-R LTH provides the following advantages:

Conforms to "Blu-ray Disc™ Recordable format Version 1.3"
The JVC 6x BDR LTH conforms to the "Blu-ray Disc™ Recordable Format Version 1.3". With a newly developed recording layer and highly sophisticated stamper technology employed in the manufacturing of the media, it ensures the best performance at the maximum duplication speed, currently 6X.

Wide power margin
The JVC 6x BDR LTH is designed with a "wide power margin" at high speed recording in consideration. Due to this design and concept, our BDR absorbs the unpredictable fluctuations of the recording laser power. As a result, you can achieve stable and high quality recording anytime and the playability is greater because the writing jitter is lower.

Hard coat technology
Our "hard-coat technology" protects data from "dust", "scratches" and/ or "dirt". That's why the recording side of the disc is protected by the JVC specialized hard coat technology.

Made In Japan
The disc is manufactured only in Japan, which enables consistent quality control and provides the highest quality.

CO2 emission is reduced because of our production method
BDR LTH is produced by spin-coat technology while HTL type is done by sputtering technology. The spin coat technology requires less electricity, which is an environmentally friendly production method.