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Vinpower Verbatim 25GB 4x Gold LTH BD-R Blank Media

Vinpower knows how important it is to have recordable media that is dependable, more compatible and holds up over time. That is why Vinpower joined with Verbatim to offer the professional Gold standard grade 4x BD-R LTH Gold duplication quality media using the top of the line AZO dye. These discs provide the greatest compatibility amongst writer drives and players (both old and new). That means, because of the AZO dye, the 4x BD-R LTH Gold is far less likely to fail during the duplication process. That is true regardless of the recording drive used, which will give it a much greater rate of playback, regardless of the type and age of the player. Additionally, the AZO dye does not degrade like the less expensive versions used in most other common recordable medias, so that means that the content stored on the discs will be readable far longer than those less expensive discs.

So the question becomes, do you want recordable media, using the AZO dye, that you can count on, or pay the ultimate price in the future just to save a few pennies?


Excellent Compatibility
Verbatim's BD-R LTH complies with Blu-ray® Standard version 1.2. Our BD-R LTH is supported by all current Blu-ray® burners and most older models with firmware update. Also, Verbatim BD-R LTH is supported by most Blu-ray® players including Sony's PS3™.

High Capacity
The Verbatim single-layer Blu-ray low to high disc offers up to 25GB of storage space to back-up your videos, music, photos and more.

High Definition Quality
Blu-ray LTH discs are designed especially to store large HD video and audio files. Meaning users need fewer discs when backing-up, recording or duplicating high definition digital recordings.

Protective Hard Coat
A super-hard coating is applied to our Blu-ray LTH. This coating prevents scratches, resists fingerprints and reduces dust build-up.

Blu-ray Laser Technology
Blu-ray LTH discs use blue-violet laser technology for reading and writing data. This technology delivers amazing sound quality, vivid colors, superior resolution and great contrast.

Vinpower Duplication Plus, supported by Verbatim media is only available within specific regions and countries. Contact Vinpower to find out if it is available in your region and where you can purchase it from.

*Currently, not available within North America.