iXCharger By Vinpower Digital Inc. - Jan, 09 2024

The iXCharger is the first universal charging plus storage cube, offering the ability to charge a device’s battery and provide extended storage memory for virtually all smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.


Vinpower Assigned Patent for creating a method for a data backup unit to intelligently charge a mobile device. - Dec, 13 2023

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “After a data backup unit connects to a mobile device, an App executed on the mobile device will create a user profile block in the memory unit of the data backup unit, help set up charging preferences and backup preferences in the profile block, and create a backup folder to store backup files from the mobile device.

Vinpower Assigned Patent for Mobile device for protecting data stored in backup device and data protection method - Oct, 13 2023

Vinpower Assigned Patent for Mobile device for protecting data stored in backup device and data protection method

Flash Memory Summit: Vinpower Introduces USB-C Flash Drive that Supports iOS Storage Applications - Aug, 08 2023

The iX series are storage devices that provide valuable backup for iOS devices but offer so much more. Firstly, the latest version of the MFi licensed iXflash series offers a dual head, Lightning connection on one side and a true native authentic iOS supported USB Type C on the other. The Lightning connected side will continue to work with all supported iOS Lightning connected devices. However, with the EU mandating a USB-C port to become mandatory for all mobile phones and tablets in 2024, the iPhone and iPad will have to switch from a Lightning connection to USB-C connection in the near future.

CES: Vinpower Unveils 1TB iXcharger Portable 65W GaN Charging Cube and Backup Storage - Jan, 09 2023

Vinpower, Inc. announced, through an alliance with Phihong Technology and Silanna Semiconductor, the planned release of a universal charging cube, the iXcharger, which offers the ability to automatically perform a full backup of all stored photos and videos from an iPhone/iPad as well as act as extended memory for all other mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers while charging at the same time.

Vinpower’s HDDMini recognized as top choice for Hard Disk Erasers - Dec, 12 2023

Vinpower’s HDDMini recognized as top choice for Hard Disk Erasers

Vinpower Assigned Patent for Mobile device for protecting data stored in backup device and data protection method - Oct, 13 2023

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A data protection method for protecting backup data stored in a data backup device is executed by a mobile device. When the mobile device is included in a trust circle of the data backup device, the mobile device can receive a certified signal, can execute a file manager of a backup APP for loading the backup data, and can generate a first invitation code.

iXCharger awarded 2023 Flash Memory Summit (FMS) “Most Innovative Flash Memory Consumer Application - Aug, 06 2023

Most Innovative Flash Memory Consumer Application - recognizes solutions for devices such as smartphones, music/video players, digital cameras, gaming systems, navigational systems, tablets, mobile computing solutions and/or other consumer hardware and software solutions. Product: iXCharger Company: Vinpower


Vinpower Assigned Patent: Portable storage device with double rotatable protective swivels - Jul, 07 2022

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A portable data storage device that has a main housing, a data storage module mounted in the main housing, a first protective swivel, and a second protective swivel.


Optical Disc Maker Moser Baer Acquired by Vinpower in 2020 - May, 17 2021

We missed last year this important event in the WW optical disk market: its historical leader, Moser Baer India Limited, was acquired by Vinpower Digital in 2020 (but continues to have a web site at its brand name).

Meet Vinpower Digital – Company Focused Specifically In The Digital Storage And Duplication Market - Jan, 21 2021

Vinpower Digital has been a staple in the digital storage and duplication market for over 20 years, providing top quality reliable hardware and accessories. Below is our recent interview with Ryan Swerdloff, VP of Marketing & Sales at Vinpower Digital:


Vinpower’s Ryan Swerdloff was interviewed by the world renowned Dave Graveline "As Featured on ... Into Tomorrow" at the 2020 CES exhibition - Jan, 24 2020

Continuing the press coverage of Vinpower during the 2020 CES tradeshow, we were fortunate to be interviewed by the host of the international radio broadcast and Tech Newsletter, “Into Tomorrow” with Dave Graveline. We discussed the various products Vinpower offers, focusing on our mobile phone flash drive and App, iXflash and introduced the upcoming iXflash Cube.

【CES 2020】Vinpower Digital偉得.現場直擊 - Jan, 09 2020

PCDIY online 來到偉得Vinpower在CES 2020現場攤位,看看這次他們端出了什麼~

Vinpower Digital (偉得科技)於CES 2020展出最新iXflash系列手機完整備份方案,充電中同時備份。另有多種儲存媒體與備份產品讓大家大開眼界 - Jan, 10 2020

Vinpower Digital (偉得科技)是一家為光學儲存拷貝系統解決方案的領導供應商,總公司位於美國加州洛杉磯,台灣分公司偉得科技位於桃園市,業務網遍佈全世界。該公司主要產品有:光學拷貝系統、拷貝控制卡研發與製造、光學拷貝自動控制、光碟列印整合方案等等,這些產品主打利基市場。其完整拷貝的高品質與高效率,榮獲業者青睞。


PioData iXflash Flash Drive - Nov, 27 2019

PioData is no stranger to the data storage industry. Established in 2002, the company got its start as a distributor of optical drives and recordable media. PioData expanded its product lineup to include duplicators, LCD monitors and digital cameras before becoming a casualty of the highly competitive optical storage market. PioData's story does not end there though. A few years ago, Vinpower Digital re-launched the brand to fill a void left by a top Japanese manufacturer when it decided to exit the optical disc drive market. In addition to optical drives and blank media, PioData currently offers a growing number of flash based storage solutions.

Optiarc VP Series 480GB Solid State Drive - Jul, 29 2019

Optiarc is no stranger to the data storage industry. Originally established in 2006 as a joint venture between Sony and NEC, Optiarc combined the technologies and expertise of its parent companies to provide some of the best optical drives in the world. Sony soon took over NEC's share of the company, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. By 2013 though, Sony would be forced to shut Optiarc's doors. Despite having a 15% market share, increased competition from overseas manufacturers had forced the price of optical drives down to unsustainable levels. Thankfully, Optiarc's story does not end there. In 2017, Vinpower Digital acquired rights to the brand and re-launched it with a new series of DVD writers.


QNAP Collaborates with Vinpower Digital for TVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS - Nov, 07 2017

QNAP Systems, Inc. partnered with Vinpower Digital, a leading supplier in Optical Disc hardware and media solutions, to integrate Vinpower's industrial-grade blu-ray optical disc drive for the TVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS series, allowing users to write NAS-based content directly onto CD, DVD, or Blu-ray optical discs as an additional back-up solution. The TVS-882BR series provides an excellent solution for storing large amount of digital contents and allows for easy sharing through a network. However, it's always recommended to follow a "3-2-1" rule when storing digital content. The "3-2-1" rule represents having at least three copies of your data, of which two should be stored on two different media and one backup copy should be kept offsite. This rule is specifically designated for protecting against natural disasters that could potentially destroy all property and data stored in an affected region. That is why QNAP had the foresight to also include a Blu-ray writer drive onto theTVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS series.

元ソニーのオプティアークのPC用光学ドライブが戻ってきた! - Jun, 01 2017

かつて光学ドライブを製造していたソニーオプティアークを覚えていらっしゃるだろうか。もともとは2006年にNECと合弁で設立された会社で、ソニーNECオプティアークとして知られていたが、2008年にソニーがNECの保有株をすべて取得して、ソニーの完全子会社として、ソニーオプティアークに改名した。しかし2012年に、ソニーがPC用光学ドライブ事業から撤退し、2013年3月で同社は完全に解散した。  そのソニーオプティアークが今回、「Optiarc(オプティアーク)」ブランドで完全復活することが、COMPUTEXで明らかになった。製造や開発を担当するのは、業務用の光学ドライブデュプリケータなどを製造するVinpower Digitalだ。ちなみに、同社はPlextorブランドの光学ドライブも一部販売を担当している。


Sony And Panasonic Announce "Archival Disc" Standard For Professional-Use, Next-Generation Optical Discs - Mar, 10 2014

Sony Corporation ("Sony") and Panasonic Corporation ("Panasonic") today announced that they have formulated "Archival Disc", a new standard for professional-use, next-generation optical discs, with the objective of expanding the market for long-term digital data storage.


VINPOWER DIGITAL Cronus全自動光碟出版工作站,協助使用者全方位掌控資料 - Oct, 10 2013

全球數位儲存方案領導廠商美商 VINPOWER DIGITAL,推出的Cronus光碟出版工作站,可以有效率的備份保存所需要的資料。台灣內政部警政署刑事警察局通訊監察中心,使用Cronus光碟出版工作站自動備份所監聽、監看等資料,可將指定的資料範圍,自動燒錄成光碟並列印標籤,完整保留需要的證據,準確提升工作與辦案效率。