Vinpower and Phihong have upgraded the award winning iXCharger, offering 140W power with 2 USB-C connections and 2TB of data storage, to be shown at the 2024 Computex.

The original multiple award winning iXCharger 65W, which provides expanded storage memory capacity, while enabling critical charging capabilities, for laptops (PC & Mac), smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS and Android), gets a major upgrade in the iXCharger 140W. The upcoming iXCharger 140W will offer 140W of power, 2 separate USB-C connections, with up to 2TB of data storage, which will be showcased at the 2024 Computex tradeshow, in Taipei, Taiwan, Jun 4th – 7th, at booth number J0310.

JMicron and Vinpower will Introduce the World's First 10Gbps Portable SSD Compatible with Apple iOS at Computex

JMicron Technology Corporation, in collaboration with Vinpower, Inc., have developed the first of its kind Enhanced 10Gbps Portable SSD (PSSD), using the collaboratively developed iVP817 IC Chip, that's compatible with Apple iOS devices supporting the iPhone iAP2. The PSSD offers super-fast Read/Write (R/W) data transfer speeds and is the first of its kind to provide Secure, High Powered, High-Speed backup and storage across all computing platforms, which includes the Apple iOS platform, as well as Android, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and more. While the R/W transfer speeds for USB flash storage devices compatible with smartphones and tablets typically range from 20 MB/sec to 80 MB/sec, the enhanced PSSD achieved verifiable R/W transfer speeds at more than 800 MB/sec with an iPhone 15Pro and 15Pro Max. That means, when using the enhanced PSSD with Vinpower's iAP2 based App, one could backup a 10 GB video, from an iPhone 15Pro or 15Pro Max, in around 12 seconds. On top of that, the PSSD will accommodate a range of NVMe SSD with varying form factor lengths and capacities up to and exceeding 8 TB of secure storage.

How long does data last on a USB flash drive?

Need to safely store your digital content longer, either regularly transfer the content to newer flash drives every 5 years or so, or put that digital content on OPTODISC optical discs for 50+ year archival life.

iPhone to pass Samsung

The iPhone is anticipated to be the largest smartphone brand this year making the iXflash and iXflash Cube even more critical for iPhone users