Feb, 29 2012

Vinpower’s new line of enhanced Verbatim AZO optical media provides greater compatibility and longevity for recorded content.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2012 Vinpower Digital announced today, through a strategic alliance with Verbatim, a Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Company (MKM), the planned release of an extensive line of professional grade duplication quality optical disc media, Vinpower Duplication Plus, supported by Verbatim. Due to a severe drop in high quality, stable, and consistently reliable optical disc media in the market, Vinpower Digital, a leader in optical disc duplication hardware, formed an alliance with one of the leading media manufacturers, Verbatim. The goal was to develop and distribute a unique line of high quality AZO recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-rayTM media. “Verbatim is very pleased to team with Vinpower Digital in the release of the new Vinpower Duplication Plus line of media,” said General Manager of the Global Sales Promotion Department at Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, Shinichi Hirakawa. “Vinpower’s global reach and extensive knowledge about the duplication market show they are more than capable to increase the market share for the AZO Verbatim media.” Recordable media, such as CD-R, DVD-R, etc., are made from a synthetic dye that allows a laser to burn “bits” into the recordable surface of an optical disc to create an exact digital copy of a master source. However, in many cases, when more cost sensitive methods and materials are used for the creation of the recordable discs, this tends to lead to higher failed burn rates or quicker data erosion over a short time span, making the content corrupt or unreadable. This is unacceptable to those whose job depends on the reliability and/or longevity of the recordable discs. This is especially true for media which are used to copy sensitive and important material, especially if they contain items with high sentimental value. It was because of this that Vinpower wanted to offer their customer base and the broader duplication market, a more reliable and long lasting alternative. There is a need for recordable media, which consistently burns accurately and prevents erosion by using the enhanced AZO dye in its production. “As a hardware manufacturer whose product’s functionality depends on the quality of the blank media used within them, it became critical that Vinpower offer a line of media which we can clearly endorse as true Professional Grade Duplication Quality Media”, proclaimed Vinpower C.E.O., Calvin Chang. The Vinpower Duplication Plus media using the special proprietary AZO dyes invented by MKM / Verbatim will provide greater reliability for duplication and playback compared to lower grade non-AZO dye media. The 4x Blu-ray LTH media is immediately available and can be shipped within North and South America, China and Taiwan initially with a broader release anticipated in the future. Additional media lines, including silver lacquered or printable versions of CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL and more will be released soon for a fuller product offering. Contact Vinpower for more details in regards to the benefits and capabilities of these media offerings. About Vinpower Digital Vinpower Digital is the leading manufacturer of standalone optical disc duplication equipment. With our corporate office in Los Angeles, California, USA, as well as production and sales offices in Taiwan and Germany, we have the ability to deliver the most advanced and reliable standalone optical disc and flash duplication controllers, manual towers, and robotic autoloaders anywhere in the world. As a true manufacture, Vinpower Digital has the ability to OEM/ODM customized applications and equipment for qualified vendors on a number of levels. Never satisfied with good enough, Vinpower Digital constantly pushes the envelope to develop new features and enhance their existing product to stay in tune with the customers’ needs and expectations. For further information on any or all of Vinpower Digital’s line of duplicators, please visit our website at