Jul, 23 2021

If the data you load on a USB drive is critical, using the Write Protect feature on Vinpower’s USB duplicators will be just as critical!

USB flash is used to store, transfer, and disseminate virtually every type of digital content. The problem with USB flash memory, by design, is it’s easy to alter or delete the content because unlike write once optical discs, you can rewrite and edit the content stored on them. So, if the content is that important, and you have to use USB flash memory, the best thing you can do is convert that USB flash drive to a write protected read only drive. That way the USB flash drive content cannot be deleted, overwritten, or altered in any way.

In principal, this is an easy decision, but in reality, it’s not so easy to perform. Even if you can find a USB software that can perform this feature, you’d have to do it 1 by 1, making it an arduous and long process. That’s why Vinpower’s USB duplicators offer a function that can perform the write protect feature across all the USB flash drive being copied nearly instantaneously at the same time. So you can apply the write protect/read only feature without any extra steps across all the USB flash drives being copied at once.

Save time, save your content, and save money, what is better than that?

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