Jul, 30 2021

Vinpower provides a solution to one of our most common customer questions, “How can I make a mix audio/compilation CD?”

One of the most common questions our support team regularly receives from customers is, “How can I make a mix audio/compilation CD?” This requires them to spend considerable time with the consumer, often on more than one occasion, to walk them through the process of taking select tracks from a selection of CD’s to burn onto 1 disc for a personalize mix audio compilation CD. Whatever the reason for these compilations are, the process to make them is always the same, so we’ve created a simple video to explain the process. The how to video allows our support to help the customers quicker and with less confusion, all the while making the process easier to learn for the customer, which they can now do on their own timeframe rather than during our support hours.

Here's a link to the Mix Edit Audio video on YouTube:

It’s not Steven Spielberg, but if you’re having the same issue with your customers, feel free to share this video with them or we can provide an edited version for you.

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