Jul, 15 2022

The first commercially available CD was issued 40 years ago in 1982

When you think of all the changes in technology that’s taken place in the past 100 years, it’s staggering to think how far we’ve come, for better or worse. Depending on your age, will mark what advances had the most impact on you and what we’re nostalgic about. This came about when my wife and I were talking to our kids about what life was like when we were kids and what were staples then that my kids today know nothing about, like rotary phones, TV’s with knobs, daily newspapers, etc. As technology evolves, some products also evolve or get phased out entirely.

One item that hasn’t changes and may be up for debate whether it’s been phased out or not is the Compact Disc (CD). Even though it’s not as prevalent as it was, I still order CD’s and take my kids to those remaining record stores to buy new music. In fact, it was 40 years ago that the 1st commercial CD was made available in Japan. Billy Joel’s 1982 release of “52nd St” making history as the very first album available on CD. It would still take another year or so before the format caught on, but when it did, it was like lightning in a bottle. The superior digital sound was a hit and consumers were excited to replace their entire music library with CD’s. Vinyl and cassette tapes were ultimately phased out in favor of the CD.

Ultimately, vinyl and to some extent cassettes have made comebacks in the last 5 years for nostalgic purposes due to the unique sound quality and retro cool factor. Yet, the CD still remains and even in middle age, holding its own as the newer digital streaming and MP3’s dominate the music scene. Even though my kids are not as familiar with CD’s as they are with Spotify or other streaming services, they still recognize the value of owning music on a CD that they will always have available to them as the streaming services come and go.

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