Aug, 05 2022

The HDDMini is the pocket sized IT device that is cheap and useful enough for everyone.

For those IT professionals out there, the HDDMini is the perfect companion to backup or help save a hard drive from a persons computer. But, you don’t have to be in IT or have a lot of technical knowledge to use the HDDMini. Simply connect a master source and the number of subject drives you want to copy on to (based on the max connections of the system) and you’re good to go. The HDDMini is extremely inexpensive and will make your life much easier if you need to backup or copy any SATA connected HDD or SSD.

Why would an everyday person need one? Lets just say, most people don’t go around hammering nails on a regular basis, but yet they have a hammer on hand just in case. The HDDMini is the same scenario. What if you have a hard drive that’s failing and you want to quickly copy the content before you lose all the data? Second scenario, you bought a larger capacity hard drive and you want to move the content from the previous one to the new hard drive safely, without a lot of hassle or being very time consuming. How about, you just want to make a backup of your hard drive should anything happen to the primary one? You are constantly adding content to your hard drive, so you would need to constantly back it up. How about, you have an old hard drive that you plan to recycle and you don’t want to get rid of it with all your personal data on there, the HDDMini has a secure erase feature that will remove all content preventing anyone from being able to recover it.

I could give a longer list of reasons why everyone should have a HDDMini on hand, but you get the point. So then, why the Vinpower HDDMini? This below Youtube video link will show how easy it is to use and all the great features it has to offer. Click on the link and see for yourself:

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