Aug, 26 2022

Windows 11 reinstated its free ripping software, the Optiarc AD-5290S is the perfect ODD to read the CD’s you want to rip.

Windows media player had moved away from its native CD ripping and playback capabilities, especially after nearly all desktop and laptop computers removed physical optical disc drives (ODD’s) from their hardware. This year, with the release of Microsoft’s Window’s 11 Build 25158, they reintroduced a feature in Media Player that used to be a staple in the past, CD ripping. This new CD ripping feature allows the user to create not only MP3 files, but also WMA, FLAC, ALAC, or the default setting AAC format. This is great news for all audiophiles that want to convert their CD’s to audio files, which they can then load to their phones or just to have all their music on a hard drive in one place.

The only problem is that even though Windows brought back its music ripping feature, todays computers typically still don’t offer default optical disc drives anymore. Therefore, in order to use the ripping feature, the user needs to purchase a drive that can work with the ripping software. Vinpower has a solution, offering a number of internal optical disc drives (ODD) to choose from, including the very popular Optiarc AD-5290S series. Take advantage of having a digital backup of all your CD’s and use the Optiarc drive for the best reliability and to capture the sound the way it was meant to be heard.

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