Sep, 02 2022

When a video is too big to email, quickly backup to iXflash and load it anywhere.

Recently I had a situation where the iXflash was the perfect solution for a typical issue many of us face. We sell a products on Amazon, and from time to time, a customer will post a question about those products. As the manufacturer, we like to answer those questions quickly and concisely, especially if we can use a quick video to convey the message. We had an inquiry as to how tall one of our duplicators were. I took out a tape measure and took a very short video measuring the duplicator that I intended to use to answer the question on Amazon. Of course, like most people, I used my cell phone to take the video.

Now that I took the video, I needed to transfer to my work desktop computer so that I could load onto Amazon to answer the customer question. The video was very short in duration, but because everything is filmed in hi-def or 4K, it still made the file size too big for me to email to myself. So the issue becomes, what’s the easiest way to transfer the short video from my iPhone to the computer? Alas the answer was simple. I connect my iXflash to my iPhone, select to back up the single image/video, and then take the iXflash with the video stored on it and insert the USB side into my computer. Within a matter of seconds, I had the video on my PC and I was able to upload the video onto Amazon for that customer and any others that may have a similar question to view and get their answer.

You may not have to load videos to Amazon, but I’m certain there are many times in life when you needed to transfer an image or video from your phone to a computer and it was far more complicated than it needed to be. The iXflash removes those barriers and simplifies transferring images, files, documents, audio recordings, movies, songs, and so much more between your iPhone or iPad and virtually any device that connects with a USB connection.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to film content as a function of your job, the iXflash is the ideal time and money saver that you don’t want to be without!

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