Sep, 09 2022

Streaming and purchasing digital versions of movies and shows may not last, unlike that same content on optical discs.

There are a lot of people that like to keep all their digital content in the cloud and they think just because they paid for it, the 3rd party they purchased it from will keep it for them forever. Sony, among other companies, recently proved that’s not the case. Earlier this year, Sony put out an announcement, basically stating that due to licensing agreements with content providers, some previously purchased Studio Canal content will be removed from the customer’s video library. Those customers were not offered refunds or anything other than an apology for the inconvenience.

This further strengthens the argument for owning a physical copy of the movies and music that you really enjoy and would be devastated if the title was no longer available. When it comes to streaming platforms and cloud storage, the user is at the whim of the storage facilitator. If that company gets in a dispute with the content owner, as it appears in this case with Sony, your content could be removed. If the cloud storage provider simply decides they need more space and offline content that hasn’t been seen in a while, or worst yet, that cloud storage supplier goes bankrupt or exits the industry for a better opportunity, all the content they possess, could simply disappear from your stored files.

With physical storage items, like optical discs, especially Blu-ray, means it’s possible to keep that content safe and available at all times, when you need them. Storing Ultra Hi-Def 4K content on Blu-ray means that content will always be available when you want to watch them. Plus, the archival life of optical discs is typically between 50 to 100 years at least.

If you care about the movies you want to keep in your library, it’s advisable to at least keep a copy on optical disc for safe keeping, so that if or when the digital version vanishes, you will always have the original.

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