Jan, 09 2023

Vinpower, Inc. announced, through an alliance with Phihong Technology and Silanna Semiconductor, the planned release of a universal charging cube, the iXcharger, which offers the ability to automatically perform a full backup of all stored photos and videos from an iPhone/iPad as well as act as extended memory for all other mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers while charging at the same time.

As we all have become more dependent on our mobile devices for everything from business to entertainment, we often have content spread across multiple devices without an easy way to consolidate or maintain it. Simultaneously, each device requires its own unique charging plug, creating a tangle of cords and a plethora of accessories to carry from place to place. The iXcharger, offers the USB Type C connection, and is an environmentally sustainable ESG product by reducing the burden of redundancy to a single device that can act as both an energy efficient power charger and a large capacity backup storage solution for a range of mobile devices and laptop computers.

“Phihong Technology is very pleased to team with Vinpower and Silanna in the development of the groundbreaking iXcharger,” said Kevin Lin, GM, Intelligent power solution BU, Phihong. “The iXcharger is an exciting new innovation that we look forward to producing and sharing with the world.”

The company’s patented iXcharger is a compact 65W 1TB storage power charger, using Silanna’s patented integrated Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) controller product, the SZ1131. Because of the ACF and 3rd-gen semiconductor GaN technology, it allows for a smaller package while providing higher power density and fast heat dissipation, to enable fast, secure, and more efficient charging for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. However, the iXcharger offers more than superior charging capabilities, it also utilizes an added large-capacity storage component that creates a 2-in-1 solution for both charging and storage. Instead of having both an external HDD and extra power adapter, it creates a single entity that works across a broader set of platforms and devices than current technology offers.

“The iXcharger embodies Silanna’s core principles of developing advanced technologies like our Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) that not only simplify design and improve performance but also benefit the environment through much more efficient energy use,” stated Mark Drucker, CEO, Silanna Group.

As the innovator of the AC/DC power adapters, powered by their own fully integrated ACF controller, Silanna worked with the R&D of both Phihong and Vinpower, where the 3 companies developed the iXcharger by reducing its footprint in terms of size and impact on the environment. In doing so, the iXcharger could ensure higher efficiency and improved ESG for this power plus storage device that was designed to work with an iPhone/iPad, Android, Macbook, Windows laptops, Chrome books, and similar devices.

“When Phihong looks at new developments, we focus on leading edge products that revolutionize and industry and empower the future,” proclaimed Vincent Chien, VP, corporate marketing department, Phihong. “The iXcharger is an exciting new innovation that will make everyday life easier and more convenient.“

The developers of the iXcharger have extensive experience and expertise in their fields. Vinpower has over 20 years’ experience in storage devices and related storage Apps for mobile devices. Phihong has over 50 years’ experience in R&D and power supply production. Silanna developed an integrated ACF controller SZ1131, which includes an adaptive digital PWM controller, ultra-high-voltage (UHV) active clamp FET, active clamp gate driver and startup regulator and provides the simplicity of a simple flyback controller design, while delivering the most efficient charging products on the market.

“The iXcharger is an ideal blend of Silanna’s innovative integrated ACF technology, along with Phihong’s 50 years of leading power supply R&D and production capabilities, coupled with Vinpower’s longstanding development and sales in digital storage and mobile backup applications,” declared Calvin Chang, CEO, Vinpower. “All three companies bring a unique market leading talent that was the catalyst in the development of this groundbreaking product.”