Jan, 27 2023

Vinpower is now taking reservations for the iXCharger’s pilot run production

The iXCharger was introduced at the 2023 CES with much fanfare. For those not familiar, it is the first of its kind 1TB storage 65W charging cube that will revolutionize the mobile platform market. The first iteration of the iXCharger will include a 65W charger and up to 1TB of storage that can be used to charge and provide high capacity storage across mobile phones, tablets, and many standard laptop computers, including Mac’s and PC’s. The iXCharger can replace the charging cubes for all these devices and be used as a portable hard drive that can also backup, store, and retrieve content across all three platforms as well. Instead of having to tote around multiple propriety charging cubes and an external hard drive, you’ll only need a single iXCharger!

Plus, there’s no device on the market that can allow the user to save content from all 3 platforms onto a single device. Even an external hard drive only works with computers. They aren’t compatible with mobile phones and tablets, especially Apple iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad. The iXCharger will work as a charger and storage device with the widest range of portable platforms, including Apple iOS devices, (using our free App), as well as Android phones and tablets, and many standard laptops and MacBook’s.

The only issue, the iXCharger is not available yet. We are going into production soon and expect to produce our first pilot run of finished versions in early June. That’s why we are opening up the opportunity to allow a select number of early adopters to reserve and purchase one of the first iXCharger models as they become available. If you are interested to be the first to acquire the iXCharger before the rest of the marketplace, contact me today to get on the list.

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