Nov, 10 2023

Optical Discs are the ideal storage method for cold data

Whether it’s for your business or your personal needs, we are all storing more and more data on our hard drives and servers. Often times, that stored content is rarely or virtually never looked at, but you don’t want to delete it because it might be important in the future. We call that Cold Data because it’s content that you store but basically don’t use frequently or in the near future, like food you put in the freezer. You may want it later, but don’t need it right away.

We’ve all become hoarders of digital content because, unlike the food in your freezer, it’s not taking up physical space, so it doesn’t seem to be a burden. But, it is taking up precious digital space and if you don’t address it, eventually you will run out of memory to store new content. So what do you do when you need more memory and you don’t want to delete old content?

The rule of thumb is you just add more memory. You can do that one of 3 ways:

1) Upgrade your hard drive to a larger size or add another hard drive, which is costly and only delays the inevitable storage crunch again in the future

2) Upload your content to the cloud, which costs money and could potentially leave your content vulnerable to hackers

3) Offload the cold data onto optical discs that are inexpensive, compact, and easy to store and access

The best solution for your storage crunch are offloading cold data to optical discs. Optical discs have a long archival life, are easy to retrieve the content, and take up very little physical space, so they can easily be stored virtually anywhere. You may not listen to music on CD’s anymore or watch movies on DVD’s or Blu-ray either, but optical discs are still ideal for storage!

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