Dec, 08 2023

Keeping a physical copy of your favorite traditional holiday movies on optical discs is the only certain way it will be available to watch.

As I’ve shared last year and the year before, the lack of access to traditional holiday movies due to streamers exclusively acquiring holiday movie titles to offer on their sites only makes even the grinchiest of scrooges disgusted. The holiday season is often a time where family members will put down their smartphones and actually spend time with each other watching kitschy holiday themed movies on a single screen. That’s become harder and harder to do as there are more and more streaming services that are snatching up these valuable properties and hording them for their own exclusive streaming rights. The movies you always enjoyed growing up and were always available to watch for free on broadcast TV are no longer so convenient to watch.

That’s why I feel like a broken record when I say, make sure you keep a copy of any movie or music you love, or even just like a lot, and willing to watch over and over again, on an optical disc. Keeping these titles on Blu-ray, DVD, or CD ensures that you will always have them available in hi-res digital quality anytime you want to watch them. Don’t waste your money signing up for a streaming service that you eventually forget to cancel to watch a single program once a year. Save your money and frustration searching which streamer is playing that program this year, but keeping all your favorites on optical discs that will be available year after year, any and every day you want to watch them.

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