Jan, 03 2024

In addition to showcasing the CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree, 65W iXCharger, Vinpower will showcase its latest advancement in our storage + power line with the 100W iXCharger offering two USB C connections.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Vinpower, Inc. is announcing that it will highlight the latest advances to their iXCharger line by showcasing at CES 2024 for the first time anywhere, the upcoming 100W up to 1.5TB iXCharger, which will offer two separate USB-C connections.

The iXCharger is the first universal charging plus storage cube, offering the ability to simultaneously charge the battery and provide extended storage memory for virtually all smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. All content can be viewed, accessed, and shared between these devices. Plus, it provides automatic secure AES 256 encrypted key backup through our proprietary iOS APP for an iPhone or iPad.

Now, with the extended 100W power rating, it will expand the compatibility of the iXCharger's charging capability to many of the higher power consuming gaming laptops that require up to 100W of electricity. On top of that, offering 100W and two separate USB-C connections, means the user can power up 2 separate devices while allowing one of the devices access to the iXCharger's internal memory. The iXCharger's power can be allocated as a single device up to 100W or two separate devices with up to 65W devoted to a laptop/large tablet and up to 30W devoted to a second device, like a smartphone.

The 100W iXCharger's two USB-C connections can accommodate both a USB-C to Lightning cable and/or a USB-C to USB-C cable, meaning the iXCharger is compatible with iPhone and iPads using a Lightning connection as well as the latest iPhone 15 series that uses a USB-C connection. Even though the iPhone 15 emphasizes that it can directly connect to any USB connected storage device, that functionality is very limited in scope only giving access to the Files feature and allowing users to direct film in a specific mode. It doesn't allow access to any other files, including to backup the photos and videos. Whereas, the iXCharger can access the iPhone's Photos App along with many other App options and features that are not available to non-MFi devices..

"It's commonplace today to carry multiple computing devices with you, such as a laptop or tablet and a smartphone, whether it be for business or pleasure," exclaims Ryan Swerdloff, Vice President of Vinpower, Inc. "The 100W 2 USB-C iXCharger makes it more convenient and more efficient to allow those users to charge both devices at the same time and access the added storage from the iXCharger on one of the devices. In today's fast paced world where content is king, the iXCharger will become the crown of the industry."

All of the iXCharger options are compliant with the current EU USB-C mandate, and further reduces unnecessary waste by reducing the burden of redundancy to a single compact device that can act as both an energy efficient power charger and a large capacity backup storage solution for a wide range of mobile devices and laptop computers, including Apple iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows laptops, ChromeOS, and many other similar devices. Thus, the iXCharger reduces e-waste, creating an ESG environmentally conscious universal 2-in-1 solution for both charging and secure backup and storage.

Both the Innovation Award Honoree 65W and the upcoming 100W iXCharger will be shown at CES 2024 in Vinpower's exhibition, located in Central Hall, booth # 16646.

About Vinpower, Inc.
Vinpower is an award-winning leading developer of digital storage and backup, cross platform power + storage, mobile Apps, as well as optical disc, flash, and HDD/SSD duplication equipment and media. In addition to Vinpower's legacy duplicators and media, our offerings include the iXflash, iXflash Cube, and iXCharger, which allow the users to backup, transfer, review and restore their digital content across multiple platforms, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, PC and Mac computers and laptops, Google Chromebook, as well as virtually any storage or player application with a USB or Lightning connection. With our Corporate Headquarter in Los Angeles, California, USA, sales offices in Germany and Taiwan, as well as distribution channels around the world, we can meet the demands and pricing expected in a rapidly expanding global market. As a true manufacture with an array of patented designs and technology, Vinpower has the ability to OEM/ODM customized applications and equipment for qualified vendors on a number of levels. Never satisfied with good enough, Vinpower constantly pushes the envelope to develop new features and enhance their existing product to stay in tune with the customers' needs and expectations.