Acard Mid-End Controller Series


ACARD’s standalone DVD/CD duplicator controller supports high speed SATA DVD/CD writers. With ACARD’s RISC CPU Engine, it doesn't need to be connected to a computer or require much technical knowledge. It can be operated simply through the LCD and the buttons on the panel from the copy controller to back up data, audio or video DVD/CD quickly. It supports SATA DVD/CD drives for recording DVD/CD quickly. It is a good fit for general offices.

  • A standalone SATA-to-SATA DVD/CD copy controller
  • Independent fully native SATA channel data acceleration
  • Totally independent without installing hardware or software
  • Supports 24X SATA DVD recording
  • Has a user-friendly interface and shows messages with LCD
  • Firmware available through disc

  • ACARD 32-bit RISC with SATA SOC Controller
  • Two (2) Embedded PCI Bus
  • SATA SoC storage controller chip
  • High reliability of SDRAM for embedded system
  • 2 X 16 LCD screen
  • A membrane 4-buttons operation panel with 2-buttons hot key
  • 16Kbyte data cache inside the SOC
  • 1MB flash memory for copy code
  • Dimension: 150mm(W)×42mm(H)×145mm(D)