DVD Archival Media Kit


Vinpower's bundled archival media kit is the perfect solution for any size business or even individuals looking for long-term storage of important digital files. Keeping back-ups on optical media is becoming more and more important as it's the only true incorruptible and safest method of storage. Optical discs are the only medium that cannot be altered or infected with viruses after data have been stored on them. Flash media like USB or hard drives, even with encryption software, can be altered, or infected with viruses or spyware that can compromise the information stored. Also, and even worse for the casual consumer, the data stored can be erased, leaving potentially critical files or priceless mementoes, like pictures, gone forever. Even the new craze of Cloud storage can be hacked or subject to exposure, which could again lead to information being altered, erased, or even distributed to parties that were not intended to view or have knowledge of that information. Even traditional DVD or CD media is not completely safe as time and environment could cause saved data to eventually erode and potentially disappear or the disc can become unreadable, which prevents data content recovery.

Vinpower's line of M-DISC™ archival media will allow any user to copy any digital content onto these optical discs and know that it will remain exactly as it was for decades, potentially even centuries. Plus, by keeping it on a physical media, the user can safely lock up the disc(s) preventing potential unknown hackers from capturing the content. The Vinpower M-DISC™ is the perfect choice for safety and longevity for any digital content from confidential documents to pictures of your child's first birthday party!


  1. Archival Grade-able to store digital content without data loss for decades up to 1,000 years.
  2. Tested-The Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake declared the M-DISC as top rated after testing the M-DISC against the best conventional archival discs on the market.
  3. Long Lasting-utilizes chemically stable and heat-resistant materials not used in any other DVD or optical disc for greater longevity.
  4. Stability-cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes unlike competing archival media.
  5. Durable-resistant to damage caused to typical optical media from extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight.
  6. Universal Playback-once the discs have been recorded onto, the completed archival media can be played back on nearly any DVD player regardless of whether it's been certified for archival media or not.

Greater Compatibility with blank media and media players:
  1. Archival Capability-Works with wide array of specialty archival media for greater longevity on stored content.
  2. Stable burning throughout-Provides consistent and reliable burning of any file type for the duration of the duplication progress to ensure the recorded media has far greater reliability of playback or that the discs will successfully copy to begin with.
  3. Enhanced Compatibility for DVD+R media-Ensuring greater compatibility with DVD Players.
  4. Enhanced CD-R Duplication-Limits potential distortion in CD-R audio duplication.
  5. Enhanced Compatibility for CD+G media - Ensuring greater compatibility with Karaoke players.
  6. Supports 99 minute CD-R-Allows CD-R media to be over-burned effectively to 99 minutes.
Better Burning Quality:
  1. Secure Media Speed Stability-Ensures that media duplication speed does not exceed encoded maximum rates to provide better burning control and virtually eliminates bad burns.
  2. Enhanced Recording Stabilization Control - Ensures all drives in a single duplication environment burn uniformly to avoid disproportionate speed fluctuations, which lead either to failed discs or less compatible completed discs.
  3. Stable Recording Control-The drives have an extensive database of media specs and are better able to communicate and convey these details while burning the disc(s) at ultimate speed.
Drives Last Longer:
  1. Built using sturdier components - Compared to alternative drives, this model was built using the true Japanese design and parts lists for a stronger and more reliable system.
  2. Less Wear and Tear-since there are fewer bad burns, the system is able to complete its jobs in less burns meaning a prolonged life for the drives themselves due to less use.
  3. Industrial tray gears & pulleys-provides a more stable disc loading tray for a longer life cycle (1 cycle equals 1 tray extend from and then return into the drive).
  4. Enhanced Error Reporting-Provides greater details as to the cause of any potential duplication failure during the Lead-In.

Drive Specifications:
Burner Model
USB 3.0 (2.0 backwards compatible)
Disc Loading Method
Tray loading
Read Speed
DVD: 16x max.
CD: 48x max
Write Speed
DVD±R: 24X Maximum
DVD±R DL: 8X Maximum
DVD+RW: 8X Maximum
DVD-RW: 6X Maximum
CD-R: 48x CD-RW: 32x
Panel Color
LightScribe Support
Weight and Dimensions (W x D x H)
3.37 lbs
9.5" x 6.5" x 1.95"

Archival Media:

M-Disc Specific Write Speed
4x max.

M-Disc Capacity
4.7 GB
Advanced Features
Data permanently etched into the restructured Data Layer
Longevity of Data Layer rated for up to 10,000 years
Surrounding polycarbonate substrate stable for up to 1,000 years
Readable by Blu-ray unit that read Inorganic Data Layer

Actual Size Package

W 9.65" x D 1.97" x H 6.89"

6.1 lbs

W 12.2" x D 4.33" x H 4.13"

7.05 lbs