Duplicator External Device - USB 2.0


The USB card connects to your duplicator’s writer drives through the controller to allow the drive(s) to be connected to a PC as an external writer. This allows the user to create master discs through the duplicator drive(s) from their PC if they do not have the proper drives installed in their PC.



  1. Connectivity for a PC:
    Able to connect an optical disc drive (ODD) to a computer for use as an external burner.
  2. Excellent Compatibility:
    Fits nearly all cases with a standard scuzzy slot
  3. Hard Drive (HDD) Connectivity*:
    Able to connect Duplicator's HDD to a computer to easily transfer content from a PC to the duplicator for duplication or storage.
*Only available on controllers that offer the Copy Connection feature

Duplicator External Device - USB 2.0
Operating Type
Addon for Vinpower Controller/Duplicator
OS Support
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7. (Both 32 & 64 bit)
PC Interface
USB 2.0 (up to 480Mbps)
Device Interface Type
SATA1 (up to 1.5Gbps) / SATA2 (up to 3Gbps)
Controller Interface
SATA1 (up to 1.5Gbps) / SATA2 (up to 3Gbps)

Firmware Upgradeable
Switch Mechanism
Controller/Duplicator Controlled
Power Input
4 Pin Floppy Power Connector
Operating Humidity
20% ~ 80%
Temperature Extremes
40°C (104°F) / 5°C (41°F)
1 Year Manufacture Warranty
Vinpower Digital

Actual Size

W 2" x D 3.5" x H 0.71"

1 lbs