Vinpower Digital announces Industry's First Complete LightScribe Standalone DVD and CD Publishing System - Jan, 22 2008

Vinpower Digital announced today the release of SharkCopier LS standalone manual tower DVD/CD publishing systems. In a collaborative effort between Vinpower Digital and LightScribe, the new SharkCopier LS models offer an array of improved features, most notably the ability to inscribe text or full graphic labels directly onto CDs and DVDs without being connected to a computer.


Vinpower Digital announces 3rd Generation SharkCopier series - Aug, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital is pleased to announce the 3rd generation SharkCopier standalone manual tower duplicator. The new models have the same look and appearance as previous models, but offer an array of improved features. Never satisfied with good enough, Vinpower Digital constantly pushes the envelope to develop new features and enhance their existing product to stay in tune with the customers' needs and expectations.

Vinpower Digital announces upgrades to their SharkBlu series - Jul, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital's SharkBlu series now has a full line of sizes ranging from a single writer drive manual tower up to an astounding 11 writer drive duplicator. Vinpower Digital developed the new line of Blu-ray capable duplicators to enable the user to make exact digital copies of their original Blu-ray, DVD, and/or CD masters. The SharkBlu comes standard with a massive 500GB up to 1TB hard drive to enable the duplicator to store multiple video or data files of the large 25GB or 50GB Blu-ray format.

Les duplicateurs de Vinpower Digital - Jun, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital (from Taiwan) developed a full line of CD/DVD standalone manual tower and autoloader duplication controllers with the most advanced, reliable, compatible, and user friendly functions available. Their "Bare Bone" models combine a market leading controller pre-installed in an attractive and functional aluminum casing. Vinpower's controllers come standard with a 128MB ~ 256MB memory buffer for the best reading performance of any duplicator on the market. They developed a controller that works best in a multi-drive manual tower compatible with the largest selection of blank media and writer drives. These duplicators offer Multi-Language capability for English, Spanish, French, Japanese, & more: the text on the LCD screen can currently be displayed in various languages. <br><br> SharkCopiers: are standalone manual towers with a controller. This sleek range of manual tower duplicators is available from 2 to 12 target drives. Vinpower Digital offerings include the TITAN range composed of automatic robot duplicators. The TITAN lite can hold 100 discs (2 x50). The TITAN Supreme is the most robust and durable autoloader on the market with 1,000 disc capacity. The TITAN PRO is the affordable high volume reliable overnight solution offering models with 500 or 1,000 disc capacity. As an option these different duplicators can integrate a magnetic hard drive. <br><br> Vinpower Digital offers integrates a monochrome inkjet printer able to print in one of 4 different colors (black, red, green and blue). Called U-Print, you can connect this printer to a PC thanks to an USB interface. You can print with a resolution of 200 dpi and print one CD in 30 seconds. <br><br> Vinpower Digital company commercializes these products in USA thanks to its branch based in Alhambra in California and would commercialize these products in Europe thanks to specialized distributors.

Vinpower Digital Provides Expertise on Computex's impact on IT industry. - May, 29 2007

Recently Vinpower Digital's CEO, Calvin Chang, was contacted by the Chinese America newspaper, "Chinese Daily", to give his account of the benefits and increasing importance of the Computex trade show in Taiwan on the American IT industry. Since the article is written in Chinese, the following is a brief summary of the article: <br><br> With the Computex trade show taking place in Taipei, Taiwan from June 5th ~ 9th, 2007, it is becoming increasing important for western businesses. With 30,000 oversea buyers attending the Computex , compared to 100,000 Asian buyers, western businesses see the benefits of traveling to Taiwan to source products and parts. Calvin Chang, CEO of Vinpower Digital, discusses the importance of Computex for everyone looking to purchase IT/electronic products as well as for Taiwanese and other Asian sellers to be seen at Computex. In fact, powerhouse American electronic trade shows like CES and NAB are seeing fewer buyers looking to make purchases at the show. In contrast, increasing numbers of overseas buyers are looking to make deals and commit to purchasing quantities of parts and products immediately. Please contact Vinpower Digital at [email protected] if you'd like more information about the article.

Vinpower Digital introduces a new line of Blu-ray capable duplicators: The SharkBlu series. - Apr, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital has developed a new line of Blu-ray capable duplicators called SharkBlu which enables the user to make exact digital copies of their original Blu-ray, DVD, and/or CD masters. The SharkBlu comes standard with a massive 500GB hard drive to enable the duplicator to store multiple video or data files of the large 25GB or 50GB Blu-ray format.

Vinpower Digital announces the new Titan lite Auto Eraser - Aug, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital proudly introduces the Titan lite Auto Eraser, our newest and safest weapon in destroying unwanted information stored on CD's or DVD's. We are living in a digital world and as more information is kept on digital discs, namely CD's and DVD's, there needs to be a safe and effective method to discard this unwanted sensitive material. At the same time, we are living in a more ecologically responsible world, were we recognize the importance of protecting our environment. Previous disc destroyers would shred or punch holes in the discs that could release toxic particles into the atmosphere and creates shards of debris which could cut the skin if not handled properly. The new robotic Titan lite Auto Eraser will permanently erase any information stored on a CD or DVD using the drives internal laser, so there are no harmful particles or shards released into the environment. The drive will use an intense laser to burn off the data making t he disc completely unreadable. The drives are co mpletely safe with no danger to the user, unlike a disc shredder where other articles or body parts could accidentally come in contact with the sharp blades. With 3 drives and 100 disc capacity, you can permanently erase data on up to 100 CD's and/or DVD's in a little over an hour automatically while you attend to other matters.

Plextor Announces PlexCopier PX-DM300 DVD Duplicator - Jun, 21 2007

Recently EMediaLive circulated a press release in the USA from the Plextor Corporation about the new PlexCopier PX-DM300 DVD/CD compact duplicator. This is a joint venture project created by Vinpower Digital and SHINANO KENSHI CO., LTD. Click on the below link to read the article:

Plextor announces the release of the new PlexCopier PX-DM300 for sale in Europe - May, 30 2007

Plextor-Europe recently put out a press release to announce the PlexCopier PX-DM300, (a joint venture between Vinpower Digital and SHINANO KENSHI CO., LTD), is now available for purchase in Europe. Click on the below link to read the entire press release from Plextor-Europe's website.

Vinpower Digital works with SHINANO KENSHI CO.,LTD. (Development manufacturing company of Plextor brand products) on a joint venture project: The PX-DM300. - May, 01 2007

Vinpower Digital worked with the SHINANO KENSHI CO., LTD on a joint venture project to develop a compact 1 to 3 slim slot drive standalone manual tower CD/DVD duplicator. This new innovation provides high speed exact digital quality duplication in a new compact case for a smaller footprint in the crowded office space environment. The PX-DM300 offers all the features Vinpower Digital is renown for and provides the high quality exacting standards that has made the SHINANO KENSHI CO., LTD a top recordable drive manufacture.


Vinpower Digital Hopes to Match EURO Success in Middle East - Nov, 22 2006

Vinpower Digital, a duplication specialist, is taking its second shot at the Middle East market after an exploratory visit last year. The US company, which manufacturers DVD and CD duplicators, is aiming to crack the Middle East market after preparing a range of its products for the show.

DVD - The Next Wave In Duplication - Mar, 01 2006

Not uncommon to churches these days is the presence of audio CDs packed with sermons. music and other kinds of creative programming. What is becoming more desirable these days, and likely become a trend, according to some churches and their equipment suppliers is DVD.

The secret world of the adult video market - uncovered - Jun, 01 2006

Is it a sector of the DVD industry like any other, or one with its own unique rules? Debbie Galante Block and Tom O'Reilly investigate the scope of the adult video market and reveal the opportunities and pitfalls that it can present to replicators.

Vinpower Digital SharkCopier DVD/CD Duplicator - Feb, 01 2006

VINPOWER DIGITAL has unveiled the latest addition to its popular SharkCopier DVD/CD duplicator line. The 11 target SharkCopier, utilizing Vinpower Digital's own standalone VPD11T controller, offers the ability to duplicate 11 black discs simutaneously in a single tower.


Vinpower Digital Introduces The Newest Model In Our Vaunted SHARKCOPIER Line of CD/DVD Duplicators: The 11 Target True 16x DVD Standalone Manual Duplicator. - Nov, 01 2005

Vinpower Digital, a rising innovator in the field of optical disc duplication equipment, announces the newest addition to their popular SHARKCOPER DVD/CD duplicator line. The 11 target SHARKCOPIER, utilizing Vinpower Digital's own standalone VPD11T controller, offers the ability to duplicate 11 blank discs simultaneously in a single tower.

Expanding Your Reach - Jun, 05 2005

Vinpower Digital's Titan Pro DVD/CD multi-drive autoloaders,for example,feature a quick-function for one button duplication. These standalone units are equipped with 4,6,8 Plextor or Pioneer drives for unattended duplication of 500 to 1000 disc. Titan Pro features 16x writing speed and 128 MB memory buffer. The smaller 3-drive ,100-dsic capacity system, Titan Lite will be available this summer.

Vinpower Digital intros CD/DVD Duplicators - Jun, 01 2005

Vinpower Digital, a develpoer of optical disc duplication eqipment, announces the second generation of its Sharkcopier DVD/CD Duplicator.

Automation Becomes Cheaper - Sep, 09 2005

Vinpower and some of its competitors are making standalone machines in different sizes with robots that can really meet a variety of needs from the small outfits who only need to do 20-50 discs a day to the large production houses that need to do a thousand discs overnight.

Delivering the Message - Jun, 05 2005

Vinpower Digital's Titan Pro DVD/CD autoloaders, for example ,feature a quick-function or one button duplication. These true standalone units are equipped with 4,6, or 8 plextor or pioneer drives for capacities of either 500 to 1000 discs....

New Products - Jun, 01 2005

Vinpower Digital has launched the second generation of its Sharkcopier DVD/CD duplicator. This Tower system uses a proprietary standalone VPD7T controller with enhanced features and options.