Viral iXflash video

The iXflash product review from the Taiwanese influencer 3C Tim is now available with subtitles in multiple difference languages.

True Sound Quality

Optical Discs capture the true essence and quality of audio recordings compared to condensed streaming formats, like MP3

Vinpower welcomes you

When other companies restrict your ability to purchase from them because of a Minimum Purchase Amount, Vinpower welcomes all customers with open arms.

iCloud outage

iCloud outage takes down backups and photos for some users, showing the need for the iXflash!

Vinpower Digital (偉得科技)於CES 2020展出最新iXflash系列手機完整備份方案,充電中同時備份。另有多種儲存媒體與備份產品讓大家大開眼界

Vinpower Digital (偉得科技)是一家為光學儲存拷貝系統解決方案的領導供應商,總公司位於美國加州洛杉磯,台灣分公司偉得科技位於桃園市,業務網遍佈全世界。該公司主要產品有:光學拷貝系統、拷貝控制卡研發與製造、光學拷貝自動控制、光碟列印整合方案等等,這些產品主打利基市場。其完整拷貝的高品質與高效率,榮獲業者青睞。